Eating vegan has never been this convenient, simple and tasteful.

Because having a plant-based diet shouldn't be so hard!

Hi! I'm Katie

A number of years ago, I started to transition to a vegan lifestyle, but I found it really challenging to create meals that had all the necessary nutrients. I stuck to my go-to meals, but they were pretty boring. And, on top of it - I was cooking for my family - with the challenge of keeping everyone happily fed!

I was also struggling to find something that would help me with sustainable weight loss. Something that guided me, while offering the flexibility of what I liked to eat.

I didn’t want to just ‘cut calories’ to a ridiculously, non-sustainable level. 

Then, there was the mental drain of having to think about what to cook each night, making sure we had the necessary ingredients and working out what we had to buy. It was really overwhelming!

So, with the help of an amazing team of software developers and dieticians, my husband and I set about solving all these problems.

In the end, we created My Vegan Meal Plan.  

I was (and still am!) our first member - and I'm proud to say I lost 16kg over a four-month journey!

Problem solved

My Vegan Meal Plan is based on a simple idea. Enter your personal details and goals, and each week you’ll get a custom designed meal plan to help you achieve those goals. If something doesn’t take your fancy, you have the flexibility to switch meals to something else.

You’ll get a precise shopping list, along with simple to follow cooking instructions to make your life as easy as possible.

What's more, our meals are full of natural essential nutrients. There’s a healthy mix of good fats, carbohydrates and protein from various plant-based food groups.  We also keep up the variety to ensure you get the 9 essential amino acids needed for sustaining a healthy body.


Feel good stories from our members.


The meals were quick, easy and tasty. It fact I was surprised that I did not have any cravings or hunger as I lost the kilos.

Ange F

All meals were super easy to make and so tasty even my husband and kids had the same dinners as me each night.


This program has changed the way I think daily about what I eat. So easy to use, healthy and delicious.


The recipes were flexible enough that I felt confident cooking them "my way" while still keeping them healthy and enjoyable.